If you don't want the ResponsiveVoice button to read all text in your post or page, you should wrap the text you want it to read between [responsivevoice] and [/responsivevoice] tags. This will create a button at the end of the section included between the tags.

The [responsivevoice] tag supports two parameters:

  • voiceyou can choose which voice will speak. For instance, including [responsivevoice voice="Italian Female"] will read the text with the Italian Female voiceThe default value is "UK English Female".
  • buttontextwith this parameter you can change the text displayed in the button. [responsivevoice buttontext="Play"] will change the text on the button to "Speak". The default value is "Play".

You can include no parameters (in which case the default values will be used), one, or both. ResponsiveVoice will work in any case.

Note that if you use these tags in conjuction with [responsivevoice_button], the text between these tags will not be spoken by [responsivevoice_button]! See here for details.