It’s easy to use the script directly from for non-commercial licenses ( If you want to use ResponsiveVoice for a commercial project please see the pricing page (

To get started with the Developer API follow these instructions.

Add this code to your webpage:


<script src=""></script>


Then use it on the page


<input onclick="responsiveVoice.speak('Hello World');" type="button" value="Play" />


Feel free to link to the files at We maintain a fair usage policy on bandwidth, please contact us if you believe your usage may be high.


The latest stable version of ResponsiveVoice is served from the root of (minified) (readable src)


You’ll find a specific ResponsiveVoice version by appending the version number to the root level: (minified)


By truncating the version number you can load the latest stable release within the major version number. For example, 1.3 points to the latest stable 1.3.x, but when 1.4 or 2.0 are released, you will still load the latest release of 1.3. (minified)



Text to Speech Play Button:

Text to Speech Menus and Links:

Text to Speech Highlighted Selected Text:

Automatically Speak Text when Webpage Displays:

Text to Speech Widget:

Text to Speech Background Audio:

Text to Speech Automatically Detect Language:

Text to Speech Exit Intent Message:

Using Callbacks: